What are the books in the making?

It’s raining outside and the acacia trees are in full bloom. It is spring: a new season and the blossoming of new books in the making, in production, or being printed. And some special Nava-vraja-mahimā news. What are the books in the making? Volume four of the...

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Writing while travelling is a challenge. Moving from place to place by plane, train, car—and in Ireland, by motorboat—is one challenge, but another is the expectations of devotees that include giving six hour kirtanas, long seminars, and individual counsel. When I...

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C’est la vie

Most seasoned devotees understand the pressures devotional service sometimes places upon us, and that “marathons” can often simply be another term for “life:” mothers with several children all under five years of age; parents who are supporting families and working...

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It’s a Marathon

It’s a marathon. Seems like the story of my life. Having just returned to Braja Sevaki the first edit of the first half of our Guidelines to Varnarama for a final check, I am in the midst of writing the second half. The first half is about the twenty-one qualities of...

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Damodara-lila and Varnasrama series

The third instalment of pictures—some very special—are up and available for bidding. Thanks to all purchasers for their support. Imagine that a devotee who sympathised with the purpose of the picture sales, which was to finance the Hungarian NVM, donated L5000. Many,...

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Books, More Books, Separate Books, etc.

It’s thirty-one degrees in my room and I am poring over a new book that is meant to be printed in time for our visit to the Ukraine festival—August 25th. The book is called The Awakening of Spontaneous Devotional Service. It started off as an appendix to a...

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