My Daily Prayers — e-book
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My Daily Prayers — e-book

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The indicated amount is considered a donation to support the religious activities of the MKTHK/ISKCON Hungary. Upon receipt of the donation, the MKTHK will dispatch the religious book listed on the site to the donor.

At this time, our planet and our devotees need prayer. No doubt many devotees have their own prayers, yet some do not. My Daily Prayers can be downloaded at no cost, and even forwarded to whomever you think might find some value or benefit in reading it. Our hope is that the contents will ease devotees’ concerns during the challenging times that face us.

With a prayer that Rādhā-Śyāma protect you all and enable you to remember Their names, forms, qualities and pastimes whatever providence has in store; I thank you!

After completing your donation, you will receive the e-book in PDF, epub, and mobi (Amazon Kindle) formats.

Sample chapter from the book: