The Sivarama Swami Books website is maintained by Magyarországi Krisna-tudatú Hívők Közössége with the purpose of making religious books accessible to interested individuals. The books available on this site cannot be purchased. This platform does not conduct sales; instead, we collect donations to support our religious activities.

The amounts displayed next to the publications are the minimum donation amounts for which the books are given as gifts. If you wish to support our community with a larger amount, you can do so using the following bank account:

Magyarországi Krisna-tudatú Hívők Közössége:
Please include in the note: SRS LAL donation

The shipping cost indicated at the end of the donation process forms part of the donation offered by the donor and supplements it.

Donation Process:

  1. Select the desired publication(s).
  2. Click the "Add to Cart" button to place the publication(s) in your cart.
  3. Review the contents of your cart, then click the "Proceed to Checkout" button.
  4. Enter the necessary information (name, address, etc.) for shipping.
  5. Choose "Credit Card Payment" option in the payment methods.
  6. After placing the order, you can settle the minimum donation amount by cash on delivery or credit card, which includes the minimum donation amount next to the selected publication(s) and the indicated shipping cost.

Legal Disclaimer: A Magyarországi Krisna-tudatú Hívők Közössége has exercised the utmost care in modifying all descriptions and automated communications on the website to reflect the nature of donations. However, since it is not possible to replace certain elements of the Shopify engine, please note that messages referring to purchases (e.g., "add to cart," "checkout," "payment") appear solely due to technical limitations and do not change the fact of donation. Any new features that may appear during the ongoing development of Shopify that might suggest a purchase are also solely for the purpose of donations.

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