Project 2020 and Beyond

In this newsletter I will share with you two things: my plan for completing the Kṛṣṇa in Vṛndāvana series, and a gift. But before that, in this time of COVID-19, please keep yourselves safe. Stock up, lock up, and take staying home as an opportunity to chant and read. 
Now, let’s start with the plan for KIV. Below you will see my plan to finish the Kṛṣṇa in Vṛndāvana Library (KIVL), a plan which includes books I have completed that may or may not be in print; a book almost completed but not printed; and a book in the process of being written. These are only the books that belong to KIVL. In addition, there are other hard-bound and soft-bound books, like Sādhavo Hṛdayaṁ Mahyam and Chant, respectively. We are not speaking of those now.
You can see that of the KIVL, I have completed five, while two are in the pipeline. That leaves eleven more books in KIVL for me to write—and that doesn’t count any others of a different genre. 
I will be seventy-one in a few days. Every morning I wake up thinking I have a race with time to write my books. Unfortunately, my racing days are over and I am like a turtle on the racecourse. But I will try to do a book a year. Will I succeed? Will I finish? It will be up to Kṛṣṇa. 
That’s KIV! About the gift, you have to scroll down. 
*Saṅkalpa-kaumudī is the final title of what was known, in its formative stages, first as Sādhana-sāra-dīpikā, then Sādhana-saṅkalpa-candrikāḥ.
KIV Into          Śuddha-bhakti-cintāmaṇidone
KIV 1              Venu-gītādone
KIV 2              Na Pāraye ’Hamdone
KIV 3              Kṛṣṇa-saṅgatidone
KIV 4              Śrī Dāmodara-jananī …done
KIV 5              Saṅkalpa-kaumudī*almost done
KIV 6              Demons of Vṛndāvana Part 1 (SB 10.5, 6, 7, 15, 18)
KIV 7              Demons of Vṛndāvana Part 2 (SB 10.34, 36, 37)
KIV 8              Bāla-kṛṣṇa-līlā (SB 10.8, 11)
KIV 9              Aghāsura and Brahmā-vimohana-līlā (SB 10.12, 13, 14)
KIV 10            Kāliya-damana-līlā (SB 10.16,17,19)
KIV 11            The Six Seasons of Vraja (SB 10.20)
KIV 12            Gopī-vastra-haraṇa-līlā (SB 10.22)
KIV 13            Hari-dāsa-varya (SB 10.23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28)
KIV 14            Rāsa-pañcādhyāya Part 1 (SB 10.29, 30, 31)
KIV 15            Rāsa-pañcādhyāya Part 2 (SB 10.32, 33)
KIV 16            Vilāpa-kusumāñjaligetting done
KIV 17            Mādhureṇa samarpayet Vanacārī-gītā (SB 10.35)
Thanks! Before I get to the gift, let me just mention why we had stalled this newsletter for so long. 
We had a plan. I was going to solicit your help with selling the books sitting in the warehouse, as well as with selling some titles which we would reprint in limited numbers—like Śuddha-bhakti-cintāmaṇi and Na Pāraye ’Ham. And then COVID-19 showed up, and we waited and waited to see what the developments would be. Things now being what they are, those plans are on hold, although anyone who would like to investigate virus-cut-rate prices, please write to Bhaktidevī directly or at

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