Newsletter: So much to see

The video screen nearby says that we are somewhere over the Black Sea, on our way to India. Thank you Air India. When I get to Mayapur I shall begin a writing marathon with the goal of finishing Sādhana-sāra-dīpikā, or at least a good part of it. Let’s see!

But life changes are happening. And as far as writing, I shall dedicate next year to that. For 2020 I have planned an unprecedented eight months absence from Hungary, during which time I shall be writing in Māyāpura. It’s not only about writing, but about an attempt to stabilise my rapidly deteriorating health. Let’s see!

When Sādhana-sāra-dīpikā is completed, I will begin a rewrite of Vilāpa-kusumāñjali, which was Appendix 25 of Nava-vraja-mahimā. That appendix is around 250 pages; I will expand it to twice that size and, unlike any other Lāl publication, this second edition of Vilāpa-kusumāñjali will be illustrated with beautiful full-colour paintings. How many I can’t say, because that depends on how quickly or how slowly I write. But whatever the outcome, I would like to send that book to the printers by the end of next year. Let’s see!

Following that, I will start on fulfilling a desire of my dear friend Ādi-kartā Prabhu, who repeatedly requested that I transpose Rūpa Gosvamī’s play Lalita-Mādhava into prose. I have never done anything like that. However, it is something that I have often thought of doing when reading Lalita-Mādhava myself—which I have often done. Very few devotees have the inclination to read plays. But this work is of such importance and such beauty that it should be known and read, even if it is not in its original drama form. Let’s see!

And, following that—you can see I have far-reaching plans that have taken us well into 2021—I will return to the Kṛṣṇa in Vṛndāvana series, and continue the sequence of books that continues from Śrī Dāmodara-jananī. All in all, my desire is to build up momentum in book writing, which I believe to be my primary calling in what is now the last part of my life. While my commitment to Nitya-sevā, Krishna Valley beautification, saṅkīrtana, Rādhā-Śyāma, and Outreach remain strong, the bulk of my time and energies will go into writing. Let’s see!

Along with these books, Lāl will publish others in the genre of the recently released Chant More, with the next one likely to be on the topic of the Gāyatrī mantra. Let’s see.

In the paragraphs above I have repeated “Let’s see!”, because reality is often so different from what we plan. But if my readers keep me in their prayers, if they entice the Lord to allow me to complete my literary calling timely, then I am confident that He who is the controller of life, time, and fate, will make everything come to pass. Let’s see!