Veṇu-gītā: The Song of the Flute

Based on Srimad-Bhagavatam 10:21 and the writings of the previous acaryas.

“Sakhi, if you see the lotus faces of Radha and Sri Krishna, decorated with the king of flutes, if you see Their exchange of glances in the late morning hours, oh my friends, without a doubt you have seen everything.

Following their group-leaders, the cows walked on Krishna’s right side and the buffaloes on His left side. They appeared like the stream of the Ganges and the waters of the Yamuna flowing about a bluish elephant of joy.”

A wonderful book of Lord Krishna’s transcendental pastimes for all audiences. It is filled with delightful descriptions of the land of Vrndavan and the pastimes of its inhabitants, the beauty of Sri Krishna, the forest of Vrndavan, glorifications of His most beloved Radharani and His dear servant Giriraja, talks between Srimati Radhika and Her gopi friends, and much more. Nearly 600 pages of pure nectar!

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