Newsletter: It’s a Good News Day

It is odd to start such a positive message with news of a delay: it is rare that delaying a book necessarily falls into the category of “good news,” but what that delay allows for is definitely good…

The second volume of the Varṇāśrama Compendium has been due for some time, but our Varṇāśrama Committee have agreed to a delay; the good news is that when I finish Sādhana-sāra-dīpikā, which I’m currently working on, instead of doing the Varṇāśrama Compendium volume on āśrama, I will begin on the rewrite of Vilāpa-kusumāñjalī, complete with commentaries and beautiful artwork. I hope to start that early next year.  So that’s good news for me, and hopefully for everyone. It is something I have looked forward to doing for some time.  

More good news is that we are happy to announce the creation of a new genre of small books from Lāl Publishing, “Collected Writings.” These will be collections of audio recordings I’ve done in the past: Bhagavad-gītā and Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam classes, series like Prema-vivarta; talks with devotees; personal meditations; group discussions, and more.

And even more good news is that we are also happy to announce the release in early October of Chant More, the first in the new genre of “Collected Writings” that we hope will be the first of many future publications. The title leads back to the original Chant PDF that we produced on back in 2011; it was offered at a nominal price to cover site costs, and it sold by the thousands.

Chant More is, as the title indicates, so much more: while the original content of Chant remains, it has almost doubled in size and…well, more: you’ll have to read it!

It’s good having a good news day…