Introduction to Nava Vraja Mahima

Sivarama Swami’s talk at Birmingham temple on his writing of Nava Vraja Mahima and the Vraja Vasis.

Excerpt: “It was Srila Prabhupada’s desire that one of the ways in which we have to take responsibility for giving Krsna Consciousness to others and glorifying Krsna is to write books. So I’ve been trying to do that for the last almost 15 years, and this particular book relates to the establishment of Vrndavana in Hungary – it’s called New Varja Dhama – some of you have been there and visited, if not then please try to do so sometime.

We tired to model it on a smaller version of Bhauma Vrndavana, which is Vrndavna in India. And not only in terms of having a temple, but also  the different pastime places, or at least the major pastime places,  also being established in terms of small memorials or hills, gardens, kunds, and a Goverdhana Hill, Nandagram, and Varsana, these things are all there on a smaller scale than what you see in India.

The idea being that it helps fix the reality of the fact that wherever Krsna is, that’s a holy place. And it’s a holy place whihc is a tangible reality and a holy place which has all of Krsna’s pastime places. And so the book’s then about not only how originally and historically it was established,  getting on for 15-16 years ago, but actually how one can also do parikrama there in the same way that  one does  parikrama in Vrndavana.”

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